Tiered Bandwidth

Proper bandwidth control is paramount in today’s public access Internet systems.  With that said, improperly managed networks will still suffer performance problems due to improperly managed and improperly allocated bandwidth.  Aurora resolves that by allowing bandwidth limiting to be based on price, time of day, number of users, and many other variables.  Our bandwidth tiering process also allows for revenue to be generated on free to user networks by selling premium speeds through a secure credit card payment.  Features of our bandwidth controls:


  • Pre-determined capacity on a per-user basis
  • Time of day can also be used to ensure even bandwidth distribution by reducing the allotment during peak usage hours
  • Automatically receive alerts if a property’s bandwidth utilization hits a certain threshold for a certain period of time ( i.e., 80% capacity for 5 minutes).  Each location’s threshold monitoring is independently configured
  • Monitor bandwidth usage via our real time graphing and bandwidth consumption report and calendar to ensure that each property has the proper bandwidth available.