Manage Multiple Devices

Time is money.  If you are a one person operation managing 20 networks, or a large enterprise managing 1,000, profitability is key.  Aurora can automate the tasks that are normally performed by people, allowing for a more efficient means of monitoring your networks.  Aurora works for you 24 hours per day, and costs significantly less than the man-power required to manually keep tabs on your networks.  We automate everything including:

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Customized Portal Pages

Branding.  It’s key to any successful business, and every business is looking in every direction to maximize their exposure and build their brand.  Aurora can help.  Our patented WYSIWYG portal page designer allows for complex and beautifully designed portal pages through a simple web-based tool.  Or you can use one of our pre-designed templates and customize around those.  Additionally, we offer the franchise mandated portal page templates for virtually every hotel chain in the world.  Our portal page designer allows you to:

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Advanced Reporting

Managing a public access Internet system does little good without knowing how it is being used: Peak usage times, average user bandwidth usage, concentration of users on specific parts of the network.  It’s imperative to know that your network is being managed for how it is being used.  More importantly, it gives the property owners and managers piece of mind in knowing they are getting a return on their investment.  Our reporting covers every aspect of your network:

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Meets all Industry Mandates

Aurora was designed after years of research, and more importantly, after years of providing public access high speed Internet service in the hospitality industry.  Unlike WiFi service in hotels 10 years ago, it’s longer an optional amenity.  It is a required service that must work, and it must work well.  To that end, it takes a complex set of tools, reporting features, and monitoring capabilities to ensure that hospitality guest Internet access is working properly.  Aurora fills that void by providing everything needed in one software platform: RADIUS authentication, customizable portal page design, bandwidth and usage monitoring, and so much more!  Click around below to find out all that Aurora can offer you to meet your guest access Internet needs, and beat the competition!

Tiered Bandwidth

Proper bandwidth control is paramount in today’s public access Internet systems.  With that said, improperly managed networks will still suffer performance problems due to improperly managed and improperly allocated bandwidth.  Aurora resolves that by allowing bandwidth limiting to be based on price, time of day, number of users, and many other variables.  Our bandwidth tiering process also allows for revenue to be generated on free to user networks by selling premium speeds through a secure credit card payment.  Features of our bandwidth controls:

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Complete Control

Aurora has taken the need to independently manage multiple networks and streamlined the process so that all of your public access networks can be managed through a single interface.  Whether you are managing hotel/motel guest Internet service, or a hotspot at a local coffee shop, all of your networks can be monitored and managed from this single interface.  Each location can be completely customized, including:

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