Advanced Reporting

Managing a public access Internet system does little good without knowing how it is being used: Peak usage times, average user bandwidth usage, concentration of users on specific parts of the network.  It’s imperative to know that your network is being managed for how it is being used.  More importantly, it gives the property owners and managers piece of mind in knowing they are getting a return on their investment.  Our reporting covers every aspect of your network:


  • Bandwidth utilization, including usage graphs, calendars showing average usage in daily intervals, and a consumption report that shows average percentages used
  • OS connection report shows a breakdown of usage by operating system and web browser
  • Asset Inventory—Keep track of each and every piece of equipment, installation date, warranty status, location and more!
  • Device status and up-time report—See how much time any specific device has been disconnected in the past day, week, month or year
  • …And many more reports, all that can be printed or exported into a PDF file