Customized Portal Pages

Branding.  It’s key to any successful business, and every business is looking in every direction to maximize their exposure and build their brand.  Aurora can help.  Our patented WYSIWYG portal page designer allows for complex and beautifully designed portal pages through a simple web-based tool.  Or you can use one of our pre-designed templates and customize around those.  Additionally, we offer the franchise mandated portal page templates for virtually every hotel chain in the world.  Our portal page designer allows you to:


  • Customize the look of each individual portal page
  • Upload and position pictures, implement an image rotator, and place a custom logo
  • Control the font for headers, titles and body text
  • Change background and font colors
  • Navigate easily through our editor and have a completely customized portal page in less than 10 minutes with NO WEBSITE DESIGN EXPERIENCE NEEDED!
  • All portal pages are designed in responsive CSS technology to allow them to be mobile device friendly!