Manage Multiple Devices

Time is money.  If you are a one person operation managing 20 networks, or a large enterprise managing 1,000, profitability is key.  Aurora can automate the tasks that are normally performed by people, allowing for a more efficient means of monitoring your networks.  Aurora works for you 24 hours per day, and costs significantly less than the man-power required to manually keep tabs on your networks.  We automate everything including:


  • E-mailed receipt for service purchases
  • Monitoring of every node on your networks, with an e-mail alert available if any node fails.  We also notify you if that same node starts responding again so you can rest assured that a truck roll is not necessary
  • Perform simultaneous configuration changes or firmware updates across all of your networks
  • View all of your vital statistics on our Dashboard.  Click any alerts or warnings for additional details and status updates